January 08, 2005

So There Really Is a Point to Blogging

If any of you haven't been obsessively checking Maura's blog, you should go and read her latest update here. I am actually crying because I am so happy that all of us on blogland were able to have a real influence over Delegate Cosgrove and force him to re-write his law. He wrote Maura and said:

"However, after discussing the bill again with our legislative services lawyers, I have decided to include language that will define the bill to apply only to those babies that are claimed to have been stillborn and that are abandoned."

The law may still not be perfect, as some of Maura' s commenters pointed out, but this is a huge improvement, and it is because of all of us. I thank Maura, who I had never heard of until yesterday, for bringing this to all of our attention. We really did make a difference

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