January 06, 2005

Does Julia Roberts Have Sexier Armpits Than Me?

julia roberts hairy armpit picture: Seriously, the armpit folks are really loving my blog. Because, I mean, all the other links on that search look like fairly awesome porn, and instead they clicked on me. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

So, I know I haven't written a real post in a couple of days. I've been distracted. I work at home on Fridays because my commute is 90 minutes each way. Two days ago, my boss told me a division of our company that works in another building is moving in with us in March, and we're going to all be sharing offices, which should be a lovely nightmare. To that end, she asked if I would be interested in working at home two days a week. Would I! I accepted and asked if I could start immediately, instead of waiting until March. She thinks I want to save the $10 a day it costs me to commute and spend more time with my dog, both of which will be nice benefits, but really it's because, well, I'm quitting in March, so it won't be of much use to me then.

But really, the thing is that I've been writing other stuff. See, I'm really an editor, but I write too (what editor doesn't, right?). Although being a writer isn't actually my dream or anything, it would be cool, and several years ago, I wrote a book. Then, some time later, I managed to get an agent to represent me. Which was pretty awesome, and if it never goes further than that, I'll still be happy. She e-mailed me yesterday to say that yet another publishing company had rejected it, which is fine, because it's really pretty sucky. I made the mistake of saying that I've got another book in the works and that I hope moving to Hawaii will give me more time to work on it. She was ecstatic.

So the thing is, now I actually have to write the stupid thing. And I told her it was better than the first, sucky book, so I actually have to concentrate on it. Which is a pain in the ass. So, I did 200 words yesterday to get warmed up, and tonight went really well--I did 812 words. At this rate, I'll have it done in three months. Of course, that won't actually happen--the last book I did went great for 95 pages and then completely petered out. Anyone interested in purchasing the rights to a half-finished book? There's a pretty girl in it. And an ugly girl. And a hooker!

So, that's why I've been distracted. I promise to do better. I have to--for some reason, my blog traffic has jumped a lot the past few days. It's the armpit searches, isn't it? Everybody loves the armpit. Everybody but me.

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