January 08, 2005

I'm In for It Now

The King and I are exchanging Christmas gifts when he gets home from Afganistan in a month (only a month left!). To that end, one of the gifts I ordered him just arrived in the mail, and boy, am I regretting buying it. You see, it's an electric guitar.

You read that right--I bought my husband an electric guitar for Christmas. That's what he wanted, and since he bought me a $13,000 engagement ring,* I feel obligated to get him pretty much whatever he wants. (Hence, our 57-inch, high-definition tv.) And what he wanted this year was an electric guitar.

You're probably thinking, hmm, isn't it usually thirteen-year-old boys who go crazy and decide they're going to be rock stars and that they would look super-hot for all the chicks if they had a guitar? Yes, it is. Usually. In my case, however, it's a thirty-six-year-old boy who seems to be going through some sort of delayed adolescence/early midlife crisis, and he has decided he wants to play guitar. I am trying to remind myself that he could have wanted a Porsche.

Does he know how to play guitar? No. Does he read music? No. Has he any musical experience whatsoever? Well, if you count AC/DC concerts, then yes.

Did I buy him a high-powered amp to go with his snazzy new guitar? Yes I did.

Am I now going to the music store to pick up the set of headphones I have just realized he will need if our marriage is to survive? Yes I am.

* Note: First, the ring only actually cost $5,000, because he bought it directly from the diamond mines in South Africa when he was there on business. Second, yes, I know they are blood diamonds dug with the hands of near-slaves who make less in a year than I make in a day. I would never have paid either $13,000 or $5,000 for an engagement ring--in fact, I had my grandmother's engagement ring which I would have loved to have worn and told the King that, but he wanted me to have a brand-new one. An expensive brand-new one. What can I say? He was drunk with love. And that's why I had to buy him an electric guitar for Christmas.


Julianna said...

That is so exciting that he will be home soon!!! Hell, I'd get him whatever he wanted as well.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Take a picture and show us that ring!!