January 07, 2005

Now I'm Going to Be the Rat-Eating Girl

Austin Aitken is suing NBC for $2.5 million, contending that he threw up because of a "Fear Factor" episode in which contestants ate rats mixed in a blender.

I read this thinking Mr. Aitken was a participant on Fear Factor, and I thought, "Well, you went on the show, what the hell were you expecting?" But no, it's better than that. This dunce was watches the show regularly, but this time, he was so grossed out by it, he puked. And now he's suing.

What an ass. According to him, he had no problem with when the participants ate worms and insects, but eating rats went "too far." Um, right. So, the size of the thing and its biological complexity are the important thing? I get it, plants okay, insects okay, small mammals not. So I'm assuming eating chickens and cows causes him to have a fucking aneurysm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, he's okay with goat rectums and moose testicles, but not rats?

I like the part where he says he doesn't expect to win the lawsuit. Way to prove that you're not a jerkwad filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Stupidity like that turns my stomach. Wait a minute! If his rampant asshattedness makes me throw up in disgust, can I sue him for 2.5 million dollars? Can I? Can I? Huh?