January 03, 2005

Money Matters

Happy New Year! I've been carefully watching my blog statistics because they have been nearing 2,000 visitors, and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone when then did. Then, this morning, I realized that the statistics were only set to include this month. Because I am a dork. So, instead, thank you and welcome to Rotten Eggs' 4,000th visitor! Who should be arriving some time this afternoon, if everyone is back from holiday and checking blogs again. Really, that's amazing--this makes up for no one asking me to my junior prom. (By senior year, I decided to take matters into my own hands and asked my super-hot, older boyfriend who was 22, legal to drink, and able to rent a hotel room. I was the coolest chick at prom that year. Okay, maybe not, but I felt that way.)

In other news, now that the new year is upon us, and because I am neurotic, I am starting to think about taxes, which are due in three months and two weeks. It's almost time! I usually complete my taxes so early that I get some missing form from a company I worked for after I've already sent them in, and then I have to file an amended form, which always terrifies me, because I feel like it attracts the IRS's attention.

While thinking about taxes, I was contemplating our home, which we will be selling in three months (!!!) when we move to Hawaii. Therefore, I need any lovely blog readers out there who know anything at all about finances to give me some free advice. (Yes, I know, that's a bit arrogant, but really, none of you know me in real life, so who cares?) When we move, we'll be living in Navy housing, so we will not need the profits from our home for two to three years, at which point we'll use them to buy another home. During those two or so years, what should we do with the money? We expect to profit about $100,000, maybe $120,000. What's the best way to invest it?

The other option, other than selling and investing, is to keep our house and rent it out, which is what the King wants to do. I am terrified of that, because I have horrible nightmares about renters trashing the place, disappearing without paying, etc. Any opinions on that? We've been discussing it for months, and could use a tie-breaking vote.


bunny said...

I used to work for a rental company.

Sell, baby, sell!

I could tell you horror stories that would curl your hair, uncurl it, and curl it back again.

(If you do rent, screen your renters with a finetoothed comb. Get references, check credit ratings, and most important of all...NO PETS. Let me repeat that for emphasis. NO. PETS.)

Anonymous said...

Sell sell sell sell sell!!!!!!
Do. Not. Rent!!!!!!

I'm sure there are good renters out there, but I rented to what seemed like a very nice single lady in her 50's, good credit, great job, AND SHE SUED ME! She broke the lease and sued ME! I had to pay a lawyer and pay her eventually to get the whole thing resolved EVEN THOUGH I DID NOTHING WRONG! There are TOO MANY CRAZY PEOPLE WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO out there. Sell. Seriously. Sell. I'm 12k in the hole from the experience. Sell.