September 15, 2004

I Am So Boring

Okay, I've got to post today, because I didn't post at all yesterday and felt totally guilty about it all day, even though only about four people read my blog. I didn't post because (drumroll, please)...I am so boring. My life has been very boring the past few days. There's still no real news on whether the King is being sent overseas (actually, it's only over one little sea, but I can't tell you where because then I'd have to kill you) between right now and next Wednesday, when we're hopefully going to New York for a long-awaited trip. I've been working like a madwoman trying to get crap done before the aforementioned trip, although a little voice inside my head was whispering, "Don't be silly, why are you rushing? You know he's going to be shipped out and your vacation is going to be cancelled and then you're going to cry, stupid girl." And the night before last, about 11:30 pm after the lights were out and goodnight kisses given, the King said, "You know I might have to get on a plane while you're at work tomorrow, right?" To which I, ever the voice of reason, of course shrieked, "What the hell are you talking about? You'd leave without even saying goodbye? When would you pack? How the fuck can they do this?" Then I cried quietly in the dark for an hour. I tried to pretend I wasn't, and so did the King, because he hates it when I cry and it makes him want to cry when he can't make me feel better.

The only interesting thing that's happened is that our dog has developed really horrible breath. Not just the usually doggy breath, but really incredibly, foul, stinking, Black-Plague-esque, rotting-corpse breath. We suspect he's been eating the frogs that hop through our backyard in the evenings. One of them has taken up residence in a birdhouse, bizarrely. Our dog is the stupidest, best dog ever. I love him. Maybe I'll post more about him later today.

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