September 13, 2004

Fuckity Fuck Fuck

The King just called to ask exactly what day we're going on vacation. That would be next Wednesday, the much anticpated beginning of our three-week trip to New York City and down south to visit his family. We haven't taken a trip in ages, because of his constant travelling for work. However, he was told last month that he's being sent to the Middle East FOR THE SECOND TIME and will be missing all the holidays this year. So we decided to take a vacation and were actually silly enough to purchase plane tickets, make hotel reservations, and get the best seats in the house for Rent on Broadway.

Except that now we may not be going. His boss just asked him when he's going on leave, despite the fact that he submitted his leave request to the man three weeks ago, because he may have to cancel our vacation and go on another trip. That is, a trip before the trip to the combat zone, where he will be spending Christmas. FUCK.

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