September 11, 2006

I Never Was the Popular Girl

On Friday, I picked the King up from work so we could have lunch together, which was awfully nice of me. Afterward, I dropped him back off at work and went home. That's when I found his work cell phone on the floor of my car. I called him and told him I had it, and he said not to bother bringing it back; he'd get it when he got home.

So, being the nosy woman that I am, of course I flipped through his speed dial to see who was on there--and mostly because I wanted to see myself on there and feel all special.

I am SEVEN. Seventh, on the speed dial. Out of eleven.

There are six people more important than me on my husband's work phone. They are:

1. His favorite A/C repairman
2. Base security
3. The guy who sells burritos off a truck
4. His boss
5. The mailman
6. A co-worker he hates

Needless to say, we didn't have sex Friday night.

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