September 26, 2006

The Human Garbage Disposal

My daughter is just shy of eight months old. Last night, for dinner, she ate:

--One piece of chicken. And I don't mean one baby-sized piece of chicken. I mean an entire piece of chicken.

--One jar of organic carrots-and-peas baby food, size large.

--One dinner roll.

--Two slices of fresh apricot, mixed into the carrots and peas. I know, eww. But she loves it.

All in all, she ate approximately one pound of food. Given that she weighs about 18 pounds, that is roughly approximate to me eating about 9 pounds of food in one sitting. I like to think that she is only eating like this because she just learned to crawl, and is growing fast, and all that, but I'm afraid that really she is going to end up weighing 700 pounds and will have to be cut out of her couch.

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Allison said...

Your blog is hilarious! So you did take pictures of her playing with them right? Blackmail for later!