September 19, 2006

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

I always thought the fall equinox (which is on Friday the 22nd this year) marked the run-up to the holiday season, but apparently I was wrong, because today is National "Talk Like a Pirate" Day. In the spirit of all things festive, then, here are a few other bizarre days to celebrate this fall season:

September 23 is both National Hunting and Fishing Day, and National Fish Amnesty Day. Conflict of interest, much?

September 24 is National Punctuation Day, and September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. That makes this editor very happy, but I don't think any of my authors have heard about it. because I keep getting hate mail from them about how I don't appreciate that they misspelled words in their book on purpose "to make it more casual," and that they aren't getting enough publicity, and why can't I get them an interview on Oprah?

October 23-29 is National Save Your Back week. I feel that the King is going to use that week to sit on the couch and drink beer.

October 30th, Halloween Eve, is apparently National "Create a Great Funeral" Day. Fun for yourself or someone you hope will die soon!

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