December 28, 2004

Something I Liked

I recently watched the movie Jersey Girl, and I thought it was surprisingly sweet and endearing. I say "surprisingly" because who would have thought that a movie starring Ben Affleck and J.Lo could be anything but dreck? Of course, that was before I watched it and discovered that J.Lo gets killed off in the first ten minutes.

Of course, finding out that George Carlin, who plays the gruff but lovable grandfather, is in rehab kind of killed the magic for me a little bit.

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chris said...

The George Carlin thing doesn't really surprise me. He's kind of from that generation, you know.

On the other hand, it kind of creeps me out that he narrates some of the Thomas the Tank Engine videos because he made some really horrible jokes about molesting kids. I mean, I know he was joking. But that shit ain't funny, as they say.

Still, he's a guilty pleasure.