December 26, 2004

Christmas Mood Swings

Merry post-Christmas, blogworld! I've missed you the past couple of days. I'm heading home to Virginia at the ungodly hour of 4:00 am tomorrow. It's been a really long, draining few days here with my parents. There've been a couple of really good times, but there was also my mother losing control of her bowels for the first time ever, during Christmas Eve dinner, because she got a bad stomach flu that aggravated her Alzheimer's symptoms terribly. That was not a good time, and I'm still trying to get my balance back from it.

On the other hand, just about an hour after that, I peed on an ovulation predictor stick, and it came back...POSITIVE. Holy shit. Positive. I've never gotten a positive response on any test I'm ever peed on of any kind. I was so shocked I almost dropped the damn thing in the toilet.

So it's been a long Christmas, and I'm looking forward to getting home and writing a long post about it. But first my parents are taking me out to Mongolian barbecue for lunch. I'll eat some lovely baby lamb for all of you.


Julianna said...

It would be nice if the King were home! I hope the lamb was delish.

Merry Christmas.

Kath said...

I hope you had sex before you left your parents house. What a story - conceived on your parents lounge chair!

Anonymous said...

No fucking way!!! That is such excellent news --Congratulations! I'm sorry it has to be tempered by your mother's Alzheimer's deteriorating and I hope that she will be able to share in your joy. Wishing you all the best, Natalie

Cricket said...

Congrats on your positive. I remember when I first started using them about 8 yrs ago - previously all I'd gotten were negative pg tests, so I was thrilled with a positive, any positive.

Right now, I dealing with the idea of doing a home FSH kit - where positive translates to too old. I don't want that kind of positive.

Queenie said...

Kath--I don't think the King would be very thrilled if I announced that I'd conceived over Christmas vacation, seeing as he's 6,000 miles away, but it sure would be funny! :)
And Cricket, good luck with the FSH, if you decide to do it. I know that's a scary prospect. Are home tests accurate? I don't know anyone who has tried that, just doctor's tests. Either way, good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a negative!!