January 23, 2007

Punk Isn't Dead

I've been trying to post for ages, but Blogger is being a butt again. However, its' back now, and so am I, and I've got the Next Big Thing for you. Check out the Dresden Dolls. Seriously, they're fantastic. They call themselves cabaret punk, and I don't know what that means, but I love it. Get their album.

They're probably most likely to make it big due to "Girl Anachronism," which really is a catchy and fun song--how can you not love a song with the lyrics, "Please excuse her for the day, it's just the way the medication makes her?"

Then there's the syncopated, hilarious, calliope beat of "Coin-Operated Boy" and the delightfully pedophiliac "Missed Me," which starts out, "If you kiss me, Mister, I might tell my sister."

Seriously, they're fabulous. Get their album, listen to it, and be cool for the first time since you bought those black, high-topped Reeboks with the two sets of pink and white laces in eighth grade.

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