February 02, 2007

Birthday Girl

My girl turned one year old yesterday. I am stunned. Shocked, even. I don't really understand how this could happen. How can she have been on earth for an entire year? And how can I have been a parent for an entire year? Parents of one-year-olds are haggard, strange folk who drift up and down the mall, speaking to random strangers because they are so desparate for human companionship that does not involve the transfer of poop.*

In celebration of the Princess's birthday, I am going to break the anonymity that I carefully preserve on here (anonymity that is now mostly pointless because most of my readers now actually know me in person), and post pictures of her so you can see the transformation for yourselves.

Here is my girl on the day she was born:

And here she is now:

See? It's unbelievable. How did I make something so wonderful?

* Okay, yes, I have done that. But only once or twice.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess, your boyfriend K has got a little present to give to you (at NINO?) he's sorry he couldn't make your party.

And ssshhhh ..... Who said I know who you are?


Nico said...

Hiya Queenie, don't know if you remember me or not, but I was just checking in on some old links... Happy birthday to your little princess (I know I'm a bit late!). She's adorable!!