January 06, 2007

Can You Say "FDIC Insured?"

I don't get a lot of opportunities to say that I think the federal government is fabulous and is doing a great job, but they definitely made my tax dollars worthwhile today.

After being gone for two weeks, I checked my bank balance today and found it $4,000 short. Hmm. I know we spent a lot on Christmas, but that seemed a bit extreme. Plus, all the charges were in New York, and sadly, I haven't had a chance to visit Manhatten in two years.

Turns out that someone got a copy of the King's debit card and had a lovely time at our expense. They spent about $2,000 at Duane Reade, which appears to be a cheap, tacky, New York-area pharmacy. Maybe they have a lot of medical expenses; who knows? Then, when the card worked so well for that, they made several trips to Target for Christmas gifts, and finished up with $1,100 in purchases at Best Buy. I'm thinking someone got themselves a nice, new computer for Christmas.

Luckily, the money is all insured and will be back in our account by Wednesday. Thank you, Uncle Sam! For once, you did something right.

And to whoever thought it was cool to steal from people at Christmas: Karma is going to kick your ass, jackhole.

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Anonymous said...

ouch! that doesn't sound fun. Gad it's all sorted out.