November 12, 2004

Why CNN Sucks

I just had to post really quickly to vent about how much I hate journalists--they are incredibly biased and inaccurate. Normally I try to just ignore them, but I just couldn't let this sentence, about a 57-year-old mother of twins, go:

"She gave birth Tuesday by in-vitro fertilization at New York City's Mount Sinai Medical Center."

Ahem. She gave birth by in-vitro? What kind of stims do they give you for that protocol?

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akeeyu said...

You know, what I really liked was that the 57 year old said that it's "a miracle from God".

She had IVF and a C-Section. That's a miracle from *science*, lady. There's not a thing wrong with that (I'm a huge fan of science), but it makes me wonder how her doctors feel. "God? What, have we just been standing around with our thumbs up our butts for the last nine months, here?"