November 17, 2004

And Now, on a Cheerier Note

On the airplane, as the stewardess approaches with the drink cart...

Youngish mother sitting next to me: Sam, honey, what do you want to drink from the nice lady? You can have whatever you want, sweetie boy!

4-year-old Sam: Milk, mama! I want milk!

Mother: Honey bear, you already had milk twice today. I think it's time for some juice. How about juice, sweetie?

Sam: Milk, mama! I want milk! You said I could have anything I wanted!

Mother: You can, baby! You can have anything you want. As long as it's juice.

1 comment:

akeeyu said...

Boy, sometimes I feel like that's what Mother Nature is saying to me: "You can have anything you want, Akeeyu, as long as it's not a baby."