November 12, 2004


So, 18 of our soldiers were killed on Veteran's Day this year. I believe we're up to 23 as of this morning, with almost 200 wounded, and who knows how many hundreds of Iraqi people killed. I weep for our men more, of course, but I always remember that every one of those Iraqis have families just like our soldiers do. Kitten reminded me that I haven't updated about the King in a while--thanks for thinking of him. I can't tell you how supportive it feels to know that someone besides me is thinking of him. I promise to give a thorough update once I get home from this so-called vacation on Tuesday. For now, though, suffice it to say that he's safe and well, and thankfully, far, far from Fallujah. I wish I could say the same for all the rest of our friends and heros.

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akeeyu said...

You realize that's one of my daily routines, right? "Hmm, I wonder how Emily is, and if JenP is feeling any better, and how Tertia's cervix is, and if Julie has been getting more crap from asshats, and how it's going with Grrl, and if Queenie has heard from the King..."