November 24, 2004

Very Quiet, Very Discreet Congratulations

I hadn't planned to post today, primarily because I am boring, secondarily because I just weighed myself and now feel like I need to go out and buy those appetite suppressing diet pills that are really just packed-together speed in a gelcap, and thirdarily because I'm supposed to be making lasagne for Thanksgiving tomorrow. (I know, the irony of the lasagne and the diet pills.) However, then I read this post, and I just had to jump up and down a tiny, tiny little bit, because NBHHY* for Getup Grrl, and she so, so deserves for it to continue not happening.

* Nothing bad has happened yet.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, my friend. And I hope that NB will H for you too. For all of us, actually. No more B! Down with the B!

still in a hotel room

Kath said...

Thankgod you have solved the NBHHY mystery. I thought I had missed something.

Ditto Getgupgrrl above.