November 28, 2004

Happy, Happy Holiday News

Batman has arrived! Julie and Paul must be so, so thrilled that he or she is here and doing well. I hope they are doing well, too--this must have been a bit of a shock, but even though the baby is a tad early, well, maybe that just means he or she will be advanced for its age! (No, I don't know yet whether it's a boy or a girl.) I'm so, so happy for them--they've had such a long, hard trip, and they wanted this baby so very much. Hopefully soon Julie or Paul will be back in blogland to tell us all about their baby themselves. Until then, a great big CONGRATULATIONS to them!
Updated to include:

There's another baby to report! Squid's new baby girl arrived yesterday as well! Much congratulations to her, and let's hope little Iz and Leelo are nice to their new baby sister! I know she's worried about the 1 in 20 chance that baby Mali will have autism like Leelo, so many good thoughts go out to her and her husband that all will be well.

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