October 12, 2004

My Dumb Dog Hates Me

My dog hasn't eaten in three days. Not a bite. I know he's hungry, because he'll eat treats I give him, but dog food from the dog bowl? Oh, hell no. He's angry at DH and I because not only did we put him in a kennel while we were in New York, but when we got home, he got to come home for two days, and then we took him BACK to the kennel for another week while we were in Georgia! We are a pair of Satans, I know. And now he hates us. So as punishment, he's starving himself. Lovely.

It doesn't matter at all that he loves the kennel. There are great veterinary techs who adore him, he gets to play outside with tons of other dogs constantly, there are cats and assorted other animals to bark at, and the kennel is certified as one of the top 10% in the state for care and cleanliness, but none of that matters. What matters is that WE ABANDONED HIM. So now he is a roiling fount of doggy rage, and it'll take more than a couple of cheap dog bones to bring him around. No, what is required in cases like this is groveling of far greater magnitude--we're going to have to take him to Petco. God save us all.

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