October 28, 2004

Family Ties

I was walking by a bookstore yesterday, and I saw a display of boardgames under the sign, "Games for the Whole Family." Next to Cranium and Sesame Street Monopoly was the Sex and the City boardgame. What kind of family are they thinking of? Mom, Dad, the Beaver, and Samantha, who can ride the wildest cowboy for far longer than the requisite eight seconds?

In less funny news, I haven't heard from the King in two days. I'm sure he's just very busy, but I always worry. The most we've ever gone was three weeks with absolutely no communication--no phones, no e-mail, no letters. But on that occasion, he was living in a tent on a beautiful beach in Antigua and going snorkeling and fishing whenever he wasn't working, so my only worry was that he might get stung by a jellyfish. And frankly, since at the time I was working two jobs and putting myself through graduate school while waiting for him to come home, I rather hoped he would.

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