October 21, 2004

I Got Some

Because this is a blog and not an all-staff meeting or Christmas Day at my parents' house, I can freely talk about my sex life. Yay! Today, that is a surprisingly good topic, because last night, the King and I stayed up way too late and did it. No baby-making crap, this was real sex, like it's supposed to be. There was spanking, there was hair pulling, it was fabulous. Thank God! (Does He prefer not to be thanked for things like dirty monkey sex? Really, what else do we have to be grateful for? Doesn't He wish His ethereal spirit was capable of it? Will I go to hell if I suggest perhaps that's what Jesus was for?)

Our sex life has been less than enthusiastic lately. The Clomid prescribing exactly what days to do it, the Clomid then totally failing to work, and the stress of him going back to combat tomorrow night (34 hours to go, if you're keeping track) have pretty much killed it. Also, we generally only do it on weekends, because we both have to get up really, really early on weekdays. And because we prefer to watch reruns of Friends in the evenings. So last night was a bonus for many reasons, and I really, really needed it, and God, if you exist, THANK YOU!

A very satisfied woman


Kitten said...

Could used a LITTLE more detail...but way to go , King!

Queenie said...

LOL--Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?