October 01, 2004

It's Goodbye Again, I'm Sorry to Be Leaving You

That's right, I'm off again. Tomorrow morning we're off to Georgia for a week with my in-laws. They're lovely people and very sweet, but very, very Southern. No doubt they will make for some excellent blog entries. Like the King's cousin, a world champion bow hunter who can kill a deer with a bow and arrow at 500 yards and who is also a devout, fundamentalist Christian minister. Or his wife, who is always, always pregnant and who doesn't wear pants, only dresses, because she thinks it's unChristian for women to wear pants.

Also on this trip, we will learn the outcome of the great Clomid experiment. I'm on Day 12 today and have been pissing on ovulation predictor sticks frantically, but to no avail so far. Hopefully this afternoon I'll get a positive, because I think the King is getting damned sick of sex on demand. And to tell the truth, so am I.

So we'll see--by the time we get home next Saturday, I should know whether it worked or whether we'll be waiting three months for him to get home from the Middle East so we can try yet again.

Hopefully I'll be able to get online sometime this week, so I'll try to post in a few days. Similar to Tertia in South Africa, the Internet in Georgia is powered, not by ibex, but by Georgia white-tailed deer, shy animals that can run very fast if they feel like it, but generally prefer to hide in the forest and emit high-pitched AOL busy signals of death to ward off intruders who wish to access their forest and surf their tree sites. But I'll try. Take care!

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