December 19, 2006

Into the Woods

This is the big day--we're heading off for our Christmas trip. We're heading off to the woods of central Georgia to visit the King's family for a week, then flying to California for a week with my family. It should be fun--the Princess decided that just before 21 total hours of flying time, she would get her first tooth and catch a cold at the same time. Last night she screamed for 45 minutes while waiting for the Baby Tylenol to kick in, every three hours, all night long. We're flying a red-eye tonight. If you see two adults and a baby falling out of the sky over Idaho after being kicked out of a plane without parachutes, that's us.

I'll be out of touch this week, because my mother-in-law has AOHell dialup, and using it gives me hives. But I will try to post when we get to California--undoubtedly there will be much fun to report on the King's cousin, who is divorcing her husband of 20 years to become an evangelical missionary in Africa, and his other cousin, the deer-hunting, bear-shooting preacher man who likes to tell dirty jokes during his sermons. It'll be good times.

See you next week.

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