December 12, 2006

A Cross-Shaped Pentagon?

In the latest news from the "What separation of church and state?" front, you can now attend prayer meetings on Wednesday mornings in Washington, DC, held by an evangelical Christian group.

So what? Of course you can. But these ones are special: They're inside the Pentagon. Specifically, they are held in the Executive Dining Room of the E Ring, a dining room reserved for only the most high-ranked and important people in the Pentagon, such as the Secretary of Defense.

This evanglical group, the Christian Embassy, has gotten permission to turn this taxpayer-funded dining room into a prayer hall once a week. They've even convinced military officers to appear in uniform in their advertising videos (which is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice).

If you find this somewhat totally terrifying and completely illegal, listen to the story on NPR's website.

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Anonymous said...

[shaking my head] - what happend to my (our)country?