December 18, 2006

I Have a Mosquito Bite on My Ass

How did it get there, you ask? The King and I went hiking this weekend. We started at Pali Lookout and hiked down the mountain and then back up again. He carried the Princess down in this fabulous carrier, which I feel terribly guilty about buying from Evil-Mart, but I highly recommend, and I schlepped her all the way back up again.

In between the down and the up parts, we stopped by a lovely stream for a snack and some water. We had carefully slathered sunscreen and bug spray all over our exposed parts, knowing that here in Hawaii, the sun is fierce and the bugs are many.

Then we drank three bottles of water. And had to pee. The King did his thing as men do, standing up and without the slightest bit of awkwardness, difficulty, or nudity. Then it was my turn.

It's been a while since I had to pee in the rough, but I managed to do the necessary without getting any pee on my shoes. But there were mosquitos. And that was when I realized that if you think there is any chance you may need to disrobe so you can pee in a wild mountain stream, you should apply the bug spray before getting dressed, not after.

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