March 25, 2005

The Last Hurrah

I've got so much bursting out today that I actually sat down and made a list of all the posts I want to get on here, so refresh early and refresh often. But to start, today is my last day of work!!!

To celebrate my departure, the building fire alarm has gone off six times in two hours, thus ensuring that I get plenty of exercise before my move to Hawaii by walking down three flights of stairs, through a basement, up half a flight, and through the lobby to the outside, and then retracing my steps once they get the motherfucking alarm turned off. Wait twenty minutes and repeat. Six times.

Also, we're going to a bar this evening for happy hour. I intend to get very, very happy, and I intend for it to last more than an hour.

Because after 5 p.m., I am officially OUTTA HERE! Starting tomorrow, I will be officially self-employed, a freewheeling freelancer with nothing but the stars to hold me back. And the IRS, who wants my first estimated tax payment in three weeks. Before I've actually earned any money. Because they're just cool that way.

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