March 16, 2005


I was going to just combine this with the post below, but it seemed to really need its own blogspace:

Today is the 18-month anniversary of us trying to have a baby.

I will be celebrating by having chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then drinking myself into oblivion. I think the King is worried about incipient alcoholism in me. I told him to worry about his goddamned "9% normal" morphology issues.

How did you celebrate your infertili-versary?


Anonymous said...

I like the ice cream for all meals idea, food is always my drug of choice...especially on my infertili-versary...3 years and counting. My personal preference is chubby hubby ice cream.
Hey, the King beats my DH whose most recent SA at our IVF orientation appointment was 3% normal morphology!

Fuck infertili-versaries.

Anonymous said...

Well I celebrated by having a FET with 2 blasts. We had to go straight to IVF (Hubby has a vasectomy) so literally days after he showed interest in really trying to have a family together I was on the phone to my doctor for appointments and referrals, that was a little over a year ago.

Prior to that I would just intermittently watch those birth shows in TCL/Discovery Health and have a good cry accompanied by chocolate chip cookies and red wine. Yum, chocolate and wine!


Anonymous said...

Just celebrated 2 years. I watched "Fourteen kids and pregnant again!" at 1 am with a bottle of white zinfandel in one hand and a box of puffs in the other. Yup...I invested in the good kind of tissues (with lotion!). Just a special treat for myself on my infertili-versary.