March 13, 2005

Drive-Bys at the Drive-In

Not only are there Mommy Drive-Bys, there are Infertility Drive-Bys. Today, the King and I went to a car dealership to look at new trucks, as we will be buying one after we move to Hawaii:

Car Salesman: [gesturing to Ford F-150] So, what can I do to put you in this truck today? I'll give you a great price!

The King: Oh, no, we're just looking today. We're definitely not planning to buy today.

Salesman: You never know, you might change your mind! People get surprised all the time--they come in, just planning to look, and they drive off in a new car. It's just like having a baby!

The King and I almost died laughing. Then we left. I don't think the salesman saw the humor.

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Anonymous said...

You know it’s so, so much cheaper to buy a car on the Mainland and ship it over, the dealer mark up here is crazy (look online to confirm this). And what ever you do if you do buy here don’t go to JN Chevrolet, they’re total rip offs. I highly recommend, if you can do it this way, is picking up a car there or on the West Coast and have it shipped, it will save you anywhere from 2 – 4 thousand on the cost of the car (shipping is less than a thousand from LA and I don’t know what kind of deal you get via the military).

My grandfather worked for GM so we have access to buing cars via his retirement (GM Family First) so we get a great deal, but even with this we pay at least $400 - $600 more for cars then they do on the Mainland due to shipping costs.