February 28, 2005

Survey Says

So, when it comes to toilet paper, which are you:

(a) A roller, wrapping the paper around your hand in a padded little mitt, much like a wee urinating baseball player?

(b) A folder, carefully creating a neat little symmetrical square of paper even Adrian Monk would be happy to use? or

(c) A wadder, tearing great sheets of paper from the roll and heedlessly smashing them up into a big, glorious ball without rhyme or reason?

I'm a wadder. The King is a folder. And yes, we actually spent nearly an hour discussing this, and the attendant personality disorders that go with each type of toilet-paper style preference, over dinner last night.


Anonymous said...

For number 1 I’m a wadder, number 2 is a different story I’m a hard-core folder. Strange now that I think about it.


Darbi said...

I suppose I'm a folder-by-way-of-rolling. I roll the paper around my hand, THEN slip my hand out and use it like it were folded...I suppose this is so that my wiper is less precise - making me appear (only to myself) to be less OCD than I *actually* am.

Cricket said...

I think folding is in part a military thing.

Their little field kits only have so much TP. My ex once showed me how to fold so one plane could be used, then to refold to use a different plane. Honestly, I don't remember how many wipes it was supposed to get, but it was several.

I had the impression that this highly complex military maneuver was taught and solemnly passed from soldier to soldier.

Anonymous said...

Wadding is the only way. I mean, that military folding comes in handy when there is only a little TP left and you know there's not a back-up roll in the cabinet, but under normal circumstances.....

Also have to comment about Mary Smith's bathroom craziness....I can't stand to put on make up or do any kind of primping in the work bathroom where someone might see me. And thus, watching anyone else do it makes me mega-uncomfortable, and question their sanity. But maybe I'm the insane one.

CJ said...

I think there's a gender gap. I typically wad but hubby folds. I think if women didn't use paper all the time like we do we would be OCD folders like the menfolk.