February 15, 2005

I'm a Free Woman

First, I have to point out that Blogger has FINALLY changed their format to allow anonymous, unregistered comments. So now you have no excuse not to say anything.

And now back to our regularly scheduled post...

I quit my job this morning. That's right, we'd damn well better be moving to Honolulu in 45 days, because I am officially going to be unemployed in six short weeks. My boss had a terrible cold, and this is our busiest month of the year, so I hated to quit on her, but I just couldn't keep it a secret any more. So I resigned, and she took it well, until...

...the girl in the office next to me came in to work twenty minutes later, and she resigned too. I knew she was planning on it, because she's moving to New York, but we had confided in each other and planned to make sure we left at different times so as not to cause a panic in the department. It was a total fluke that we quit on the same day. In fact, I intended to catch her when she came in that morning and let her know I'd quit in case the boss wanted to talk to her about taking over my job. But I had to pee, and she managed to sneak in while I was in the bathroom and resign. Whoops.

So, soon I'll be free! No more damned near-bankruptcy nonprofit work for me! I'll be working for myself, with plenty of time left over to write the great American novel and make my agent a very rich woman!

Except that my boss asked me if I'd be willing to telecommute part-time, and the idea of having a steady income is very tempting. Shit.


MsPrufrock said...

Blogspot sucks. I left a comment regarding a lack of comments on my blog as well, but it has disappeared into the ether. Grr...anyway, enjoy being a free woman, however long it lasts!

Anonymous said...

45 more days?! Hope they fly by for you b/c I can hardly wait to hear your take on life in the Aloha State. I was born and raised here but I love to hear about the experiences of “transplants” – both the good and the bad and there is a lot of both.