February 01, 2005

Get Back on the Case for Me, Please, Because I Can't Right Now

There's a lot of political stuff I really want to address today, in particular, the scary new law popping up in Kansas (if you are in Kansas, please, please go visit Grrl's blog and contact your legislator). Grrl brilliantly explains the "insidious notion that women can't be trusted to monitor their own reproductive health" far better than I ever could. I also wanted to talk about PBS and the new Secretary of Education, and why they apparently hate gay people. I'm not at all surprised at Bush trying to pretend that gay people make crappy parents, but I am surprised at PBS. I thought they were better than that.

Please go visit Grrl and Lilysea and write your congresspeople, because I don't have the mental capacity today, because THE KING IS COMING HOME TOMORROW! In less than twenty-four hours, his plane will be touching down at Dulles Airport (assuming they aren't delayed, of course), and in about twenty-five hours, his cab will be pulling up in front of our house and discharging my husband into my very happy arms. I will be pelting him with roses and homecoming gifts and, after he brushes his teeth, many sloppy kisses. And then we'll go to Hooters, eat hot wings, get drunk, and have sex. It will be a perfect day.

(And I'm hoping to blog it semi-live--I'll definitely be around in the morning to let you know if his flight is on time, and to let loose a stream of cusswords worthy of a sailor [oh, the irony, as he's in the Navy!] if it isn't.)

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MsPrufrock said...

Best wishes for a happy homecoming! Have some time off from the blog and spend it with your husband. By the way, if you were serious about the wings and getting drunk part...cool!