November 21, 2006

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Writer

So, I haven't been posting much lately not just because I'm a huge lazy slacker whore, but because I've been working on a new project: a book!

That's right, I'm writing a book. The manuscript is finished; I'm just editing it now. I already have a literary agent (Faye Swetky, she rules), but I don't have a publisher. Hopefully someday. It's a book about parenting kids from birth to one year of age--it's for new parents who, like me, got all their pre-baby parenting experience from "babysitting" as teenagers (that is, sticking the kids in bed early so you can sneak shots from your customers' liquor and riffle through their bathroom cabinets).

Yes, I didn't think the eight million parenting books already out there were enough, so I'm creating a new one. Wish me luck.


Queenie said...

I think we have the same dreams....


Anonymous said...

no, no no! I need the book on what to do with this crazed Toddler that I'm now living with. Too bad the Princess is younger than K b/c I really need you to write that book.