November 20, 2006

Party at Foodland

So I was at the grocery store Friday night, picking up some beer and bratwurst for our dinner, and they had one of those little sample tables set up. I wasn't at Costco or Sam's Club, so I was surprised to see it. The girl at the table held up a little cup with about half an ounce of bright pink liquid in it. "Want to try?" she chirped? "Sure!" I said, not being one to turn down free random liquid.

I tossed it down--and it burned like cough syrup on fire. "Is that LIQUOR?" I asked. "Yep! It's a new cognac! Want to try Blue Flame?" she asked, holding up another little half-shot. "Hell yeah I do!"

That's right--they were giving away liquor, for free, at the grocery store. This frat-boy type got on his cell phone and was going, "Dude, seriously, you have got to get down to here! They're giving away free shots!" I don't think the sample girl was even old enough to drink herself, and she certainly wasn't checking IDs or keeping an eye on how many samples people took (I only had two, mostly because they tasted like crap). It was awesome, except for the whole 'drunk driving home from Foodland' thing.

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