September 07, 2005

Go Read This

Go read this post about Katrina. And then, go visit Cecily, one of my most favorite bloggers ever and a complete genius, and read this and this. Not only is Cecily amazing and poetic and brilliantly well-spoken, but her commenters raise incredibly informative debates practically every day.

More real posts soon, I promise. But I just had to pass on the word about these great ones. And in the meantime, thank you so much for your concern about the scary contractions. They have mostly stopped, thank God (which momentarily convinced me that the baby was dead, but I've more or less talked myself out of that at this point), and hopefully won't start up again for many weeks.


lisa said...

I agree.

Oh, and I hate to tell you, but at least once a day every day I have a moment of panic where I think T's dead and it's all my fault. So it never goes away (well, at least not in the first 7 months for me).

Here's hoping you don't get any more scary symptoms, and that the baby behaves! :)

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry the BHs were so scary, I haven’t had any real scary ones so I couldn’t relate.

And it’s true the fear never really leaves you. My little one recently had a change in his schedule (I guess). He went from daytime kicking the bjesus out of mommy to nighttime (so I think I was sleeping through them) and also threw in a rest for 2 days after being real active for 1 in for good measure (he did this for about a week and ½). Had me doing kick counts left and right and seriously thinking about going in for a non-stress test. I swear DBT are the worst and I’m so sorry you were feeling them as well.

And yup been lovin the discussions going on at Cecily’s place although I got a bit befuddled with one of my comments. I attribute it to pregnancy brain.

Anonymous said...

oh and that was me - Anne