June 24, 2005

My Husband, the Car Lover

Yesterday I was brushing my teeth when I discovered something very alarming in the mirror--a dark line running from my belly button down to my cooter. What the hell? Remember what we used to call a "happy trail" when we were giggling at our teenage boyfriends? Except that this isn't a line of little hairs, it's an actual LINE ON MY SKIN! I had heard about it (linea negra, they call it), but it doesn't usually appear until the fourth or fifth month. Lucky me to get it in the 9th week.

I immediately shrieked, "King! Come look at this freaky scary thing on my stomach! Tell me you don't see it! Tell me I'm imagining things!"

My sweet husband peered at my stomach for a minute, then pointed, laughed hysterically, and said:

"Look, baby! You've got a racing stripe!"

1 comment:

MsPrufrock said...

I'll be frank...that shit creeps me out. If this body gets knocked up it better not produce that line or else I shall vomit.

Oh, and pb & honey sandwiches? Delish.