May 17, 2005

WT, Part 2: South Carolina

South Carolina: The State of Nothing Except Billboards for Things in Other States

Seriously, there's just not a lot there. We drove for like six freaking hours through South Carolina, and only saw four people. And seventeen million trees. We arrived at the King's father's house for an overnight visit. The King's dad took off when he was about six months old and never came back. They've only seen each other a handful of times in his entire life, and the King's dad remarried three times after divorcing his mom. Despite that, and despite the sheer excruciating boringness that is South Carolina, we had a good time. The King's dad was extremely welcoming and friendly, and I ate shrimp that had been pulled from the Charleston River only hours before, and the King and I stood on the banks of the river just as the sun went down, watching the shrimp boats sail in, and kissed. It was like a scene out of the Prince of Tides, only without the rape and violent physical abuse and stuff. Oh, and I ate my first boiled peanut.*

* It was better than you'd think, really.


Anonymous said...

If you had gone through SC via I-85 from NC then you would've been able to stop in Gaffney where they have a giant peach by the roadside. It is the town water tower and it is huge but in reality looks like a giant behind.
I've had too many pictures taken in front of it to count (sorority road trips is all I am going to say).
Tom Clancy and serious literature are not supposed to be used in the same sentence- the publishing industry must be on crack.

Anonymous said...

Oh boiled peanuts are big in Hawaii and I never knew that they weren’t popular on the Mainland until recently.