May 23, 2005

Fun with Hawaiian Insurance

So, now that we're happily ensconced in a hotel here in Hawaii (we have no actual place to live as yet, but hopefully soon), I went to change my car registration from Virginia to Hawaii. Lo and behold, you need a safety inspection first. So I went to the safety inspection place and waited for thirty minutes in line, only to be told that my Virginia insurance isn't valid here; you must have Hawaiian insurance.

So off I went this morning to the State Farm office in my (apparently uninsured) car. The nice lady in the very big mu-mu (yes, some people actually wear those here) typed up all the necessary forms. While she was typing, we had the following conversation:

Insurance lady: [peering at a form] Does you or your husband have the birthdate of July 29, 1977 [not the actual date]?

Me: Oh, that's my birthday.

Lady: Oh, we're the same sign!

Me: [blank look. What sign?] Um, okay.

Lady: [leaning in and whispering conspiratorialy] We Leos really like to be the boss, don't we?

Me: Oh, um, yeah. I guess.

Lady: So, your husband's birthday is April 27?

Me: Yes.

Lady: Wow, that is so uncanny! My husband and I were just like that--he was an Aries and I was a Leo. Just like you guys!

Me: Oh, that's nice.

Lady: Of course, we're divorced now.


Cricket said...

Us, too.
Divorced, too.

Queenie said...

LOL! Geez, apparently it's fate. We're doomed.

Anonymous said...

Hey don’t mock the mu’umu’u! Just wait till August rolls around they start looking rather comfortable.

Yeah and get use to random strangers striking up sometimes rather personal conversations with you, just a part of life in the islands.


Ova Girl said...

It's all in the timing!

lisa said...

Actually, you're safe there- April 27 is Taurus, not Aries!

Hope you passed the safety inspection okay. Every time I've gone to do one it's turned into a nightmare. Seriously, I have the worst luck with those things.