May 12, 2005

Internet Irony 2, Or, Why I Am an Idiot

Um, yeah, so now that I put up that last post, the one with the dirty, dirty word in it (in capital letters, no less!), this stupid hotel computer won't let me view my own blog. Yep, you'd think I would have thought of that earlier.


MsPrufrock said... Queenie posts. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

LOL that was fucken funny!

I’m a bit brain-dead at the moment so I cant’ think of any internet cafés that may be in Waikiki, but I’m sure there are some. Worst case scenario you can truck it down to the zoo end of Waikiki and go to the public library, corner of Kapahulu Ave. & Ala Wai Blv.. For 10 bucks you can pick up your state library card and get on the internet for and hour a day with no internet blockers (I think – policy may have changed since I worked in the state library system). Or if you’re feeling adventurous at the university on University Ave. (go figure) we’ve got 2 libraries open to the public; Hamilton & Sinclair libraries, and although it’s the end of the semester so our hours are shorter unless there is a huge demand by students to get on a computer we don’t police who’s using them and how and we don’t have blockers. The only internet café I can think of is on the corner of 12th Ave. & Waialae Ave., a less than 10 minute drive depending on where you are in Waikiki, it’s called Coffee Talk and they’ve got some yummy food and the neighborhood around there has got some great places to eat. Hope you get your blog fix soon, and I hope you’re liking our tourist ghetto commonly know as Waikiki.

And don’t worry you’re not missing much on Grrl’s blog, she’s in a weird funk and not writing much.


lisa said...

Aloha! Here's a lst of internet cafes:

Also, Borders on Ala Moana uses T-Mobile's wireless service so if you have a laptop with a wifi card you can hang out there for $10/day.

Glad you escaped North Carolina.. I would hate to be stuck there.