June 15, 2007

To the Babysitter Who Won't Go Home

You know the couple you're babysitting for, the two who just got home from celebrating their wedding anniversary with an incredibly romantic candlelit dinner and a walk on the sands of Waikiki in the moonlight? They don't want to hear about your new boyfriend. They don't want to hear about how you think Sanjaya never should have been on American Idol, and they don't want to know who you think is the prettiest America's Next Top Model. THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX. GO HOME!


Luther said...

We usually just do it in the car in the driveway.

Rand said...

It's always about what you don't have isn't it! You have a babysitter, you got the romantic dinner, you got the walk on the beach, and you got away from the princess for awile. So you had to ditch the babysitter, so what? The sexual tension probably built up between you and the King because of it. We spent our 1st anniversary at the house with a bunch of visiting family! That will NOT happen again next year!