October 18, 2006

Home Makeover: In-Law Edition

Why do people buy you gifts that have to be displayed in your home? That should be against the law. My mother-in-law, who I really do adore and who is a wonderful woman, insists on giving us gifts of home decorations, although she knows we have different tastes.

She likes blush pink, lemon yellow, and that weird, chalky blue they make those plates out of. She enjoys making--and hanging on her wall--those wreaths made of dead flowers.

She has been to our house. She knows we like black. And more black. And maybe silver. She knows anything with a floral print gives me hives.

So why does she insist on giving us stuff like this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"So why does she insist on giving us stuff like this?"

ummmm ... she knows it rains in the tropics and we've got all these cool fish in the sea, and she thinks you need to get off you're heathen okole and get her granddaugther to church?