March 19, 2007

Turn Left at the Polaris Missile

I was running an errand on Pearl Harbor last week, and I didn't know where the office I needed to visit was, so I called the King at work and asked him. Only in the military can you get directions like these:

"Come up Kamehameha Highway and turn in at the main gate. Stop at the gate so the armed guard can check your papers and search the car. Then go through the gate and turn right. About two blocks up, make a left at the thirty-foot-tall Polaris missile on the side of the road. Then drive until you see the three-story building with no windows, ten satellite dishes on top, and barbed wire all around it. Turn right after that building into the parking lot, go up to the third deck, and show the staff sergeant your ID. Don't worry, she's really nice."

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Papaya Mom said...

Yeah, it took me a while to adjust to such directions.