August 23, 2005

The Enormous Pain in My Ass

I have developed posterior pelvic pain, or what is known as pregnancy sciatica. PPP is not actually sciatica, which is caused by a crushed nerve, but the feeling is basically the same--an awful, stabbing pain in the center of my left butt cheek. Nice.

I begged the King last night to please, please rub my butt and make it feel better, but he was very hesitant. I think he was a bit scared of both the way I was vigorously thrusting my ass toward him and the fact that I announced that my waist is now 40 inches in circumference. That is MORE THAN A YARD, people! I am a yard around! A yard is a measurement for a football field, not a body part. I'm fairly disturbed by this, and it didn't help when the King gleefully crowed, "Soon you'll be twice this big! You'll be, like, eight feet around!!" See if he gets a blowjob this month.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes I know PPP pain well. Don’t know if this will happen for you but I seemed to only have had really bad PPP for a few weeks, then poof it was gone and only comes back once in awhile and never as bad.

And girl can I just say you are a braver soul than I am I wouldn’t even consider tape measure and my ass in the same sentence much less actually measuring the thing. It’s enough to know that my ass is substantially larger than it was and likely to get bigger. I have found one thing that seems to be working in my battle for my butt ... kicking in the pool or ocean with swim fins and a kick board. I use to body board/boogie board a lot when I was younger and a big motivating factor in this doing vs. learning how to surf was b/c all the professional body boarding chicks have the nicest butts you’ve ever seen. They get these great butts b/c of all the kicking and when you use fins (swim fins vs. longer diving fins) you use your entire leg – an absolutely great workout for the upper thighs and glutes. My Hubby cut a semicircle out of my body board so instead of going swimming a few times a week I now take my Hapai (pregnant) board and my fins and go kick around for exercise. Hey come to think of it once I started swimming/kicking more often I had less PPP pain, a connection perhaps? Not to mention being weightless and in the water is just divine.


Suburbia said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! How wonderful for you. I just gave birth to my first 3 months ago. Loved your post re: La Leche. I call them the Mik and Nipple Cops.

Good blog, by the way.

LoveMyTanker said...

Liking reading your blog, just found it! Laughing like crazy!!

Jan said...

I feel your pain! With my second, I would actually fall down while walking when he pressed on that nerve.